Clubs / Out of School Hours

To continue to provide high quality after school clubs it will be necessary to raise the charges.  We have consulted other schools and listened to your feedback. We will be raising the cost of these clubs to £2 per session.  This is in line with other local schools and will enable us to continue to run a wide range of clubs.

Signing up for the after school clubs for summer term 1 will take place as follows:

  • KS1 children (Years R – Yr 2) will sign up on Tuesday 17th April 2018 before school and after school.
  • KS2 children (Yr3 – Yr6) will sign up on Wednesday 18th April 2018 before and after school.

After school clubs will begin on Monday 23rd April 2018 and will finish on Thursday 24th May 2018.

*Externally funded clubs

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
*Nature with Sophia

Y3 –Y6    12 Children Max

Garden Cabin

Board Games with Ayten

Y1 – Y6    12 Children Max

Bottom Hall

*Somali Homework

Y1 –Y6    20 Children Max


Craft Club with Vera

Y1 – Y3     15 Children Max

(Caledonian Road Class)

Homework with Miss Chicken

Y1 to Y6     20 Children Max

(Seven Sisters Class)

Football with Merita

Y1 – Y2   15 Children Max

Big Playground

Junk Modelling with Merita

Y1 – Y3       20 Children Max

Art Room

Art with Aimee

Y3 – Y6     30 Children Max

(Art Room)

Construction (Lego) with Naz

YR & Y1     12 Children Max

(Bulge Class)

Cooking with Fatina

Y1 & Y2    10 Children Max


Mini Sports with Naz K

YR – Y2           15 Children Max

Small Playground/Middle hall

Cooking with Fatina

Y3 & Y4    10 Children Max


*Mathletics with Lucy

Y3 – Y6            25 Children Max


Sewing with Vera

Y2 – Y6     10 Children

(Oxford Circus Class)

Cooking with Fatina

Y5 & Y6     10 Children Max


Film Club with Alex

Y3 – Y6     20 Children Max

(Stratford Class)

Cooking with Janet

All Years     10 Children Max


Code Club with Beth

Y3 – Y6    12 Children Max

ICT Room

Lego with Vera

YR/Y1/Y2     12 Children Max

Bulge Class

*Mathletics with Merita

Y1 & Y2   20 Children Max


Football with Vera

Y3 – Y6     20 Children Max

Big playground

Art with Naz K

YR/Y1/Y2    20 Children Max

Art Room

Multisports with Ayten

Y3 – Y6    15 Children Max

Big Playground

Choir with Miss Haydon

R – Y2     30 Children

(Covent Garden Class)