Clubs / Out of School Hours

OSHL Provision at Pooles Park 2018/19

Clubs run from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday each week.

All clubs cost £2 per child each session.  Clubs need to be paid for in advance for the Autumn 1 half term.

*Externally funded club – no cost.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

*Nature with Sophia

Y3 –Y6    12 Children Max

Garden Cabin

Board Games with Ayten

Y1 – Y6    12 Children Max

Bottom Hall

*Somali Homework

Y1 –Y6    20 Children Max


Craft Club with Vera

Y1 – Y3     15 Children Max

(Caledonian Road Class)

Homework with Miss Chicken

Y1 to Y6     20 Children Max

(Seven Sisters Class)

Cooking with Fatina

Y1 & Y2    10 Children Max


Art/Junk Modelling with Merita

Y1 – Y3       20 Children Max

Art Room

Art with Aimee

Y3 – Y6     30 Children Max

(Art Room)

*Mathletics with Merita

Y3 – Y6            25 Children Max


Sewing with Vera

Y2 – Y6     10 Children

(Oxford Circus Class)

Mini Sports with Naz K

YR – Y2           15 Children Max

Small Playground/Middle hall

Cooking with Fatina

Y3 & Y4    10 Children Max


 Cooking with Janet

All Years     10 Children Max


Code Club with Merita

Y3 – Y6    12 Children Max

ICT Room

Cooking with Fatina

Y5 & Y6     10 Children Max


*Mathletics with Merita

Y1 & Y2   20 Children Max


Football with Vera

Y3 – Y6     20 Children Max

Big playground

Art with Naz K

YR/Y1/Y2    20 Children Max

Art Room

Lego with Vera

YR/Y1/Y2     12 Children Max

Bulge Class


Multisports with Ayten

Y3 – Y6    15 Children Max

Big Playground