Take One Picture Art Project

September 2017
Overview of the project

At Pooles Park Primary School, with the success of the project last year, we decided we would like the whole school to participate in Take One Picture week again. At the beginning of the new school year, we found this was an exciting and inspiring welcome back.

We decided to focus on the background of the painting and the story of Odysseus. We thought this would provide lots of inspiration across each year group. Again it was essential that the work done would be cross-curricular through literacy, DT, art, music, drama and topic.

Each year group chose a trial from Odysseus’ journey to focus on and base their work around. Then at the end we would come back together to tell the story through the writing element and the artwork produced.

Exploring Penelope and the suitors and Odysseus’s story, we wanted the children to develop their inference skills and knowledge of Greek myths, and then be inspired in their work; not just to create one final piece but in the development of their skills and exploration of work. The children were very excited to learn techniques that they hadn’t done before and take part in the National Gallery project again.

Pupil quotations

Year 3

‘I really liked making the puppets because I liked collage. I think I could improve by sticking inside the lines of the fish. I think the seahorses were nice because I really liked the way they swam into the jellyfish.’ – Fatima 7yrs

‘My favourite part was doing the puppet show because you got to move the puppets around on our background. I think we could add some music to it to improve it.’ Jasmin 7yrs

Year 5

“Does artistic license mean you are allowed to do art?” – Sa-niya 9 yrs

“Artistic licence means that you can be creative and make it how you want,” – Jamilla 9 yrs

“They look like golden threads, maybe they could be from a spider? Those shapes could be islands where they will get trapped” –  Naassirah 9 yrs

“The spiral looks like the whirlpool, like in Odysseus, maybe it’s getting sucked in,”  – Nabil K 9 yrs